Benefits of Membership

Reasons to Become ADA/ KDA/ LDS Members

1) Legislative Support: The ADA, KDA and LDS lobby for all dentists.  Do you want to support those efforts or be a passive by-stander?   
2) Become a member of the fellowship of dentists.  Collegiality provided by being a member of the group.   
3) Connection...networking & friendships/introductions with great people that happen via LDS that are rewarding on a personal & professional level that help me run my practice & enrich our profession.
4) Easy to obtain, sponsored CE; Inexpensive way to get continuing education credits.
5) Discounted local, state and national meetings for members.
6) Majority of patients will choose ADA members over non-members.
7) LDS members listed annually in Louisville Magazine Medical/Dental issue.
8) Dues is a deductible business expense.
9) Source of referrals for specialists.
10) Retirement plan participation.
11) Good, affordable Health Insurance Plan.  
12) Significant savings on life insurance and other insurance policies.
13) KDA Relief Fund to provide temporary assistance to member dentists.
14) Well-being program for members, created to assist members with chemical dependency or substance abuse problem.
15) New Dentist Road Map outlines steps necessary to open a dental practice. 
There are nearly 80,000 members who have uploaded profile pictures in the Find-a-Dentist tool, and we’d love to see even more smiling faces!  Member dentists profiles with photos, emails, websites, etc. appear first in search. Member profiles with a photo are clicked on 11 more times than those without. Check out the Find-a-Dentist toolkit for campaign materials and additional resources for state and local societies. 

Members: Do you have questions about your profile or need help troubleshooting? Please contact – we’d be happy to assist.