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Greetings from your President Paul Boyd, DMD

For college football fans and parents needing some quiet time, help is around the corner.   School started last month and that means we need volunteers to screen children for Smile KY!  This year volunteer dentists & hygienists will screen children in eight Bullitt county elementary schools from October 10 through October 19.  We would like to have 2 screeners per school, 2 dentists or 1 dentist & 1 hygienist. Please contact Susan at 502 244 2005 or if you are willing to help.

I heard some interesting news at a recent Smile KY! meeting at the Louisville Water Co.  Delta Dental has funded a $250,000 grant to hire a hygienist to act as a liaison between Norton Healthcare providers and the dental community.  Part of the grant involves oral health education to medical providers.  When medical providers see dental problems upon exam, the hygienist liaison will help patients find a dental home. Also involved in this grant will be oral health education at Norton Healthcare locations. As we learn more about the significant oral & systemic connection, this medical/dental communication is imperative.

In a recent letter to you I mentioned changes in the law regarding dentists’ responsibilities reporting abuse. We could not link the Powerpoint I have on that information.   If  you would like that Powerpoint, please e-mail at and I will forward it to you.

The next LDS dinner meeting is on ​November 15, 2018 at ​the River House Restaurant, 3015 River Road. The speaker, ​Jeffrey Osborne, DDS will be presenting Tips, Tricks and Updates for Successful Oral Sleep Appliances.  I hope to see you there. You may e-mail the LDS office at to sign up for the meeting or call 502/244-2005.  $56 per person, in advance.   



New Pres & Old Prez

Dr. Greenwell news photo​In June I was in Washington DC.  The city was all  a buzz over the testimony of AG Jeff Sessions.  That didn’t stop the day to day business of the Congress from continuing.   I was able to meet with Sen. McConnell’s staff and with Rep. Brett Guthrie talking about needed legislation to protect our patients and the profession.  We talked about McCarren-Ferguson repeal, student debt reform, and HRSA funding.   These are topics that relate to our practices every day.  We need organized dentistry to have a voice.  We don’t always get what we want, but we certainly get many things accomplished.  I’ve been going to Washington DC and Frankfort for several years.  I’m usually asking for the government to continue supporting various needs.  Dentistry is easily on the chopping block when legislators are thinking about slashing budgets.  They seem to forget that dentistry is really important.  We know dentistry’s importance.  We have to be there reminding them of dentistry’s importance.  I know everyone has heard the same speech from me and many others at LDS, KDA, and ADA.  Member numbers really matter.  We are heading to the same fate of medicine.  The AMA didn’t maintain membership and their profession suffered.  We do not want to fall into their state of government and insurance regulation.  Join me in revitalizing our profession.   Ask a colleague to be a member. 
Past President, Dr Darren Greenwell


 I returned to the office following the Kentucky Dental Association Annual meeting in August.  What a beautiful venue for the meeting.  When it was first announced the meeting was going to be at the French Lick Springs Hotel, I thought they must be crazy.  Why would you have the Kentucky meeting in Indiana?  Though it was unusual, the meeting space was fantastic.  Due to the reconstruction of the Kentucky Convention center and the unavailability of venue space in Louisville during August, some suitable place would have to be considered.  I’m very glad they picked French Lick.  Again, the place is beautiful.  The meeting spaces were easily accessible and up to date.  The hotel has two pools, spa, and casino.  Many people brought their families and had a great time.  I would encourage everyone to experience this meeting next year in August.

While at the meeting, I and many others were doing the business of the KDA.  New officers were elected and the House of Delegate met to update our association on pending needs of our members.  The talk is always about membership and bringing the newest of our profession into the association.  This is something we are struggling with and need all the suggestions you can provide.  Term limits were established on the ADA delegate and alternate delegate slot.  This was to help allow all of the brightest to contribute at the national level.  Our own LDS member Dr. Dennis Price was elected ADA delegate.  Congratulations Dr. Price.   I want to thank all the members of the LDS delegation that provided their time and hard work.   It is through your efforts that the association will continue to thrive and support our members in a time of great change. 

As I discussed in past letters, the LDS is providing its general membership meetings a new approach.  The membership meetings will be at local restaurants instead of the country club.  This is an effort to increase participation by providing various areas and menus to our members.  Also, we are trying to increase the quality of the continuing education.   Please consider coming to the meetings.  It’s a great place to catch up on what’s happening in the LDS area and meeting old and new friends.  I personally enjoy meeting with some of our more seasoned members for advice and knowledge.  We need to keep the society strong and viable, so that it can continue to make a difference in our profession.  Talking with our leadership and participating with supporting or stopping some of the issues that came up in Frankfort and Washington DC, is eye opening.  Dentistry is under assault from many directions.  Dentistry today would not be what it is if not for organized dentistry.  Please contribute as best you can, to encourage membership and involvement in the society.

Now that the local schools are back in session, I find myself very busy in the office and home. I was recently elected as Chairman of the Board for the Kentucky Dental Association.   This is enough to keep me busy for awhile.  Thanks to everyone for their membership and service.  Let’s keep dentistry Great!

Sincerely, Past President, Darren Greenwell, DMD FACD, MAGD